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Advice may have been given at the end of the previous consultation.

This would have covered, for instance, exercises to do at home, any sports or exercises you should avoid, and other types of advice according to your symptoms and what the consultation revealed.

Following some questioning about the changes to your condition a brief re-examination is made. This allows the progression of treatment to be assessed objectively and ensures that it is adapted accordingly. During these visits both hands-on treatment is provided as well as advice regarding exercises or lifestyle modifications that will assist in your recovery. Any questions you may have can be addressed along the way.


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Osteostasis is located in the centre of Sprowston, just off of the main road running through the centre of the town (Wroxham Road A1151). Blenheim Road has plenty of street parking and there is no permit holder requirements on any of the adjacent streets to the clinic. The clinic itself is a purpose built clinic with the patients needs at the forefront of its planning and development. It is located to the rear of the residential property with easy access to the side of the property. There is never any waiting for your appointment time as the spacing of the clinical appointments and the nature of the private facility means that if you arrive exactly at your allocated time, you will be seen straight away.

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