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Back in 2011 the parish of Sprowston, officially became a town with the welcome of it 15,000 plus residents approval. It is a vibrant and diverse area with exceptional economical growth and an abundance of small and large business ventures. Sprowston has seen a rapid growth in the number of houses in the recent year, with the introduction of St. George's Place, Miller's Field and Manor Reach bringing an additional 1,233 houses to the community and looking to introduce an additional 5,000 residents.

Sprowston is located approximately 3 miles from Norwich city centre and has all of the local amenities that you would expect during your visit to the clinic, all of which are within walking distance.

Osteostasis is located in the centre of Sprowston, just off of the main road running through the centre of the town (Wroxham Road A1151). Blenheim Road has plenty of street parking and there is no permit holder requirements on any of the adjacent streets to the clinic. The clinic itself is a purpose built clinic with the patients needs at the forefront of its planning and development. It is located to the rear of the residential property with easy access to the side of the property. There is never any waiting for your appointment time as the spacing of the clinical appointments and the nature of the private facility means that if you arrive exactly at your allocated time, you will be seen straight away.

If you are a busy family and worried about booking an appointment when you have someone else to look after the kids, don't worry. They can wait in the treatment room with you and we have plenty of television entertainment to keep them occupied during your treatment. Failing that, you could always bring along your tablet/phone and use our free secure WiFi services to keep them entertained.

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  • Sciatica

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Rotator Cuff

  • Mid/Upper Back Pain


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