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The initial consultation will start with a few questions to understand what has brought you to the clinic.

In discussing your symptoms, the clinician will first ensure that the treatments on offer are the correct therapy for you. Otherwise you may be referred to another health professional for appropriate treatment or for tests or x-rays.

Questions will be about your symptoms and also about your medical history (previous surgery, fractures, sprains, illnesses, treatments and so on). There may be some questions about your lifestyle (diet, employment, sports and hobbies) if this is relevant to your visit.

The clinician may carry out a physical examination, and you may need to undress to your underwear. If you prefer, you can wear shorts or loose trousers and a thin top.

Don't hesitate to contact Osteostasis if you have any concerns.

The clinician will perform various tests including blood pressure or neurological tests if he needs to be sure that the treatment is safe for you as your best option. He might then perform mobility tests on your symptomatic area and possibly other parts of your body as the source of the symptoms may lie elsewhere.

After the examination, he will explain his findings to you and will work with you to prepare a treatment plan. You can ask questions at any time during the consultation.

After the initial consultation, the clinician will probably suggest a follow up appointment a few days or weeks later. As a guide, acute symptoms (less than 3 months duration) may require 3 to 4 follow-ups; chronic pain (more than 6 months) may require 5 to 6 follow ups (more complex conditions or chronic back pain may take considerably longer.


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Osteostasis is located in the centre of Sprowston, just off of the main road running through the centre of the town (Wroxham Road A1151). Blenheim Road has plenty of street parking and there is no permit holder requirements on any of the adjacent streets to the clinic. The clinic itself is a purpose built clinic with the patients needs at the forefront of its planning and development. It is located to the rear of the residential property with easy access to the side of the property. There is never any waiting for your appointment time as the spacing of the clinical appointments and the nature of the private facility means that if you arrive exactly at your allocated time, you will be seen straight away.

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